Sunday, November 12, 2017

Knee Replacement – towards a better and happier life

A healthy knee, as in one that does not remind you of your age while doing simple activities like climbing stairs or going for a long walk is often overrated these days, especially beyond the age of 60 years. The incidence of knee arthritis among our middle age population is quite high these days.
While restrictive mobility and knee stiffness can be a blow to the quality of life, living in pain can make it too difficult. This is where knee replacement gains great importance.

A prognosis of knee replacement often brings about a certain level of anxiety given the surgical procedure involved and the concerns regarding the recovery process. However, when performed under the administration of a skilled surgeon, knee replacement surgeries are quite riskless and aides a faster recovery process.
Dr. Biren Nadkarni, one of the best orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons in India, is renowned for conducting safe, effective and advanced knee replacement surgeries.

What is knee replacement surgery?

A very useful solution in managing knee disorders like arthritis or damaged knee joints, knee replacement surgery involves the replacement of the damaged knee joints with inert and high-quality prosthesis. This helps in eliminating pain and restoring the range of mobility.

Different Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

The type of knee replacement surgery to perform depends on the intensity of knee disorder. While total knee replacement is used to replace the whole knee joint, uni-condylar knee replacement replaces only the diseased parts of the knee joint.
Dr. Biren Nadkarni also conducts customised knee replacements where the prosthesis is designed specifically to suit the requirements of the patient.


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