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Hip Replacement New Delhi

                                              Hip Replacement New Delhi

Hip replacement symptoms
  • stiffness in Joint occurs when getting out of your bed 
  • stiffness in Joint sit after for a long time 
  • Any swelling, pain, and tenderness in the your hip joint 
  • A sound or feeling like crunching of bone or while rubbing against bone 
  • Unable to move the hip for doing activities (such as putting on your socks) 
  • Bone,injury,fracture, and tumors also may lead to pain in hip joint

There are many types of hip replacement in our hospitals some of them is listed below: 
  • Double hip replacement 
  • Posterior hip replacement 
  • post hip replacement 
  • ceramic hip replacement 
  • Partial hip replacement 
  • Bipolar hip replacement 
Double hip replacement

Replacement of double hip at same time.But it will done only the patient recovery capability.First hip is done then other there will be good plan for doctors before surgery .

Posterior hip replacement

Posterior hip replacement is widely used by ortho surgeon. Posterior hip replacement have strong record of success.Posterior hip replacement have low complication rate.

Post hip replacement


It is similar to Posterior hip replacement.

Hip replaced by ceramic Ceramic on plastic (UHMWPE), ceramic on ceramic are good examples for it.

Partial hip replacement
Partial hip replacement is also called hip hemiarthroplasty.
Is a surgical procedure where only the ball of leg bone damaged in the hip joint is replaced.
In partial hip replacement, the socket is not replaced.

Bipolar hip replacement

Replacement for femoral neck and head, an acetabular cup that is not attached to pelvis it fits into the existing acetabular cup.

Hip replacement recovery and exercises

After hip replacement, the patient should do some small exercises contracting and releasing muscles in your legs, ankle, and buttocks. Movement of hips is restricted, it is very important you should do exercises in front of a therapist.

Your physical therapist and surgeon will discuss your hip replacement exercises. The first day itself you should work with a physical therapist. Driving is not allowed for 3-6 weeks you should find another way reach hospital. Recovery time for a total hip replacement is four to six weeks. Surgical wounds and internal soft tissues need long-term recovery for healing it completely.

Hip replacement recovery timeline is about one week and patient recovery capability.

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