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Remove That Damaged Hip With Total Hip Replacement

Damaged Hip Joint??? Looking for a perfect solution???? No worries....Perfect solution is here....!!!

Dr. Biren Nadkarni at Joint & Bone Solutions offers safe and effective Minimally Invasive Hip replacement in Delhi with well-advanced technologies. Dr. Biren Nadkarni, well known as the best hip replacement surgeon Delhi, also practices in Apollo Spectra Hospital New Delhi.

hip replacement

Hip Replacement is done when the hip joint is severely damaged, which affects our daily routines. By Hip replacement procedure, the damaged hip is replaced with an artificial one (known as a prosthesis).

When a Hip Replacement is needed

Hip Replacement is needed when the hip joint is damaged or worn out to the extent that the mobility of your Hip joint is reduced and you experience severe pain even while resting. Osteoarthritis is the most common reason for Hip replacement Surgery. Other reasons for Hip Replacement are rheumatoid arthritis, a hip fracture, septic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis or any disorders that cause unusual bone growth.

hip replacement

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Procedure

Two small incisions are only needed for a minimally invasive hip replacement procedure so that the wound will be healed fastly. The surgeon makes use of X-ray images to visualize the organs that he is operating and for fixing the artificial hip in its position.

According to the condition of the patient, age and activity level of the patient, hip replacement will be carried out as, Total Hip Replacement, Bipolar(partial) Hip Replacement and Ceramic Total Hip Replacement.

Bipolar Hip Replacement - Bipolar hip replacement is usually recommended for older patients and for patients with poor health, as the rubbing of metal ball in the bone socket in unipolar hip replacement will not be suitable for them.

Ceramic Hip Replacement - Ceramic Hip Replacement is the most suitable method for younger people in 40 – 50 age group. Because they last longer and the complicated revision hip replacement surgeries are not necessitated in this case.

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