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Now, You may Move your Hands and Legs Smoothly

Nobody wants his hands and legs to be tied down by anyone. This restricts his mobility and individual freedom. Likewise, an ortho pain also makes you unable to move anywhere as you want. There are people born with movement disabilities while there are others who are down with disability owing to various circumstances such as accidents, lifestyle, sprain, prolonged sitting postures etc. Some consult an Ortho Specialist and get things sorted out while a few directly move to a Physiotherapist.

physiotherapy treatments

The physiotherapy center of Joint and Bone Solutions is also one such a hospital offering physiotherapy treatments apart from giving away other services such as arthritis care, trauma and fracture surgery and even conditions related to sports injury under the special care and attention of Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr. Biren Nadkarni. The testimonials, his cured patients have to say out are incredible and call out the expertise of the best physiotherapist in Delhi, Dr. Nadkarni in this field.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy in India has been on practice since time immemorial. During the ancient times, there were physicians practicing it and as years turned down the line, it became a very formal practice of medicine. Physiotherapy is a healing procedure through which the physical mobility of the individual can be made more flexible and relaxing. It helps to make the soft tissues of the muscles very stronger and aids to reduce the pain to a certain extent.

Why Physiotherapy is Required?

It is one of the restorative techniques in order to help maintain the functional process of the body and helps restoring the flexibility of the body back to normalcy. After the treatment of orthopedic disorders, stimulation of muscles and tendons become mandatory. It is then, an Ortho Specialist recommend the patient for physiotherapy. Sportsmen suffering from sports injuries and people with Parkinson’s disease, arthritis and spinal Stenosis should make of this primitive cum modern technique.

Physiotherapy Treatments

The techniques chosen for each patient are in accordance with the muscoskeletal condition of him:

physiotherapy treatments


  • Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy

The inflammation and the pain that follows because of injuries.
  • The Range of Motion Exercises

The stiffness of the body is reduced to the optimum level so that the degrees of motion is easily restored.
  • Electrical Stimulation

Electrical signals are used for the muscles to be moved to and fro.
  • Heat Therapy

The flow of blood is increased in order to enhance the healing process.

  • TENS- Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is helpful to relieve the pain to the maximum.
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization

Many a lot of techniques are used to help mobilize the soft tissue for a reason that it helps in reduction of pain and swelling.

Best Physiotherapist in Delhi

Every physiotherapist and physiotherapy techniques are different. A patient’s health, health issues and requirements have to be put into consideration while looking for physiotherapy treatments. At Joint and Bone Solutions, the clients/patients can have excellent physiotherapy treatments offered by the best physiotherapist in Delhi

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