Saturday, April 1, 2017

Should I Get A Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee and joint pain become a part of our life once we reach middle age. But lately, such issues are visible in the younger generations as well. An increase in the incidence of knee diseases like knee osteoarthritis and the sort, has been witnessed lately.
With an advancement in treatments and techniques to cure these conditions, knee diseases are treatable and curable to a great extent. But concerns regarding treatment and its effects on our body still exists. “Should I get a knee replacement surgery?” is a dilemma faced by many.

A knee replacement surgery is the ultimate measure undertook when everything else fails. It is the process by which, the diseased knee as a whole or the affected parts of the knee are removed and replaced by a prosthesis. Minimally invasive surgery procedures are now used in knee replacement surgery also.
A knee replacement surgery is a major procedure where a part of your body is to be replaced. It is to be done when all the other simpler measures fail to provide relief. It is done in the following cases: -
  • Severe pain and stiffness
In cases when the pain threatens to interfere in your basic life activities like walking, climbing stairs and so on. Swellings and stiffness that fails to recede by other treatment options and affects the quality of life is another reason that qualifies for surgery.
  • Threat of knee deformity
An increased pain level and irregularities of knee can lead to an onset of knee deformity. If you detect any such change in the structure of the knee, it is time to visit your surgeon.
  • Quality of life
Spending a life restricted by pain does not appeal to anyone. If your issues are affecting your quality of life, it’s time to consider knee replacement surgery.
  • Failed simpler measures
When other measures like medication, physical therapy, weight loss and other measures fail and the pain persists, knee replacement surgery might be the only option of cure.
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