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The Best Trauma and Fracture Surgery At Joint & Bone Solutions

     Trauma and fracture surgery is recommended when a patient has suffered a traumatic injury. That time, a patient will require a timely intervention to lower complications, quickness in the recovery procedure, and recover the maximum functional ability to perform daily tasks. Trauma and fracture surgery will stabilize traumatic injury or fracture with the thoughtful and caring method. The injuries or fractures needed trauma and fracture surgery is severe in nature and needs proper evaluation of chronic effects of past and future trauma.

Best suitable for:

A trauma and fracture surgery is suggested in

     The surgery is recommended to a bone which is partially or completely fractured in different ways that include crosswise, lengthwise, and in the middle. To fractures that can also happen in different ways such as a sports injury, a motor vehicle injury, a fall, osteoporosis, and overuse of the particular bone that result into a stress fracture. To a limb that may be malformed, or a piece of a bone may puncture by the skin surface.


The surgery is performed by using two methods

      External fixation methods consist of fiberglass and plaster casts, splints, braces, and other devices. Internal fixation methods include holding a broken piece of bone in proper position with the help of pins, screws, and metal plates in the process of healing bone to recover.  Generally, it takes several weeks to months to recover properly. Further treatment includes exercises and physical activities to act and function normally after the surgery.

     Joint and bone solutions have highly trained experts in trauma and fracture care. Joint and bone solutions continually acquire and implements highly advanced equipment and technology in the operating room. Dr. Biran Nadkarni one of the best orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi is an expertise in caring for all conditions related to joints, bones, and soft tissues of the whole body following trauma.
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